Comprehensive Assessment System Manual for Professional Education Programs at UNC Charlotte

The UNC Charlotte Professional Education Unit’s Comprehensive Assessment System is designed to collect data, analyze findings and make judgments about candidate, program and unit performance and operations. Monitoring is achieved through on-going assessment of content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills, dispositions and impact on P-12 student learning. The expectations for candidates are based on UNC Charlotte general academic standards, College of Education Conceptual Framework, the standards of accrediting agencies and standards approved by the NC State Board of Education.

Comprehensive Assessment System, 4th Edition, 2019

  • Introduction
  • Candidate, Program and Unit/College Assessment
    • Established Transition Points and Alighment to Standards
    • Curriculum Maps for All Programs
    • Monitoring Completer Achievements
    • Data Collection and Availability
    • Establishing Fairness, Accuracy, and Consistency
    • Use of Data for Program Improvement
    • Community Stakeholder Feedback
    • Governance and Leadership Responsibilities


Comprehensive Assessment System Diagram