COED SLO Data Examples

Student Learning Outcome 1 (revised 2015 report) Candidates demonstrate proficiency in the 10 InTASC standards at the appropriate progression level (s) in the following categories: the learner and learning; content; instructional practice; and professional responsibility. There are 9 major areas assessed on the STAR 2012, and these areas are also aligned to our Conceptual Framework for educator preparation programs: 1) K1: Learner Development and Learning Differences; 2) K2: content Knowledge; 3) E1: Learning Environments; 4) E2: Application of Content; 5) E3: Assessment; 6) E4: Planning for Instruction; 7) E5: Instructional Strategies; 8) C1: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice; 9) C2: Leadership and Collaboration. 

Data examples for a few of these major areas are accessible in the links below: 

In addition, many of the 2016 Charrette project presentations align with the student learning outcomes at the Cato College of Education and provide reflection from current candidates and recent graduates.